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Hard work just got harder. 

Welcome to the blog dedicated to informing you of the value of a little understood and underutilized modality: isokinetic movement. Our mission is to educate and secure isokinetic exercise's place within the fitness industry.  

Today's athletes and gym enthusiasts implement two of the three movement methodologies: isotonic (static weight, variable speed: barbell or dumbbell) and isometric (fixed weight, position: plank or wall sit) movements. The third pillar of fitness is isokinetic and largely doesn't exist, given it's requirements for specialized equipment. Poseidon Strength manufactures these specialized, isokinetic equipment aimed at the masses. 

Powdering Hands



For some, the gym is a job requirement. It represents a pursuit to be the best at their craft, whether that be for sport, competition or a lifestyle that's reflective of our ever evolving social society. 

For other's the gym is a daily escape from stagnation where life has them at a desk but they refuse to give into unhealthy habits or body composition that's reflective of stagnation. 

Our charge is to deliver a fitness experience that's appropriate for all and is unmatched by few in the industry today. Our machines have no prerequisite of strength or capability, only a desire to better understand one's movement and improve accordingly. 


Our machines provide resistance that adapts to user input to maintain a constant rate of speed through the range of motion. The harder you push, the heavier the resistance feels. Simultaneously, our onboard display visualizes your strength output in real-time. 

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